Awesome Solutions for Modern RV Owners

Smart gear and tech for peace of mind on the road


The Tire Pressure Monitoring That Keeps You Rolling

Blown tires are a total buzz kill when you're exploring the outdoors.

The TST tire monitoring system alerts you to low pressure and high tire temps before it's too late.

A must-have RV product if you're towing.


GasStop Emergency Shut Off

Experts advise turning off the propane when you travel. But who wants to arrive with warm beer and ice cream soup?

In the event of a major leak—perhaps caused by an accident—GasStop is the only product that instantly and automatically shuts off the flow of gas.

You travel safer and show up with cold brew in the fridge.


Protect Your RV From Electrical Damage

Even modern campgrounds can have damaged electrical outlets, loose connections, or incorrect wiring.

None of these are good for your RV!

Power surges and low voltage can wreak havoc on your electrical system. Protect it with an EMS.


The ULTIMATE RV Water Hose

Lightweight, never kinks, coils itself for easy storage, & never leaks!

Guaranteed not to fail for 5 years or your money back.

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people love the ultimate RV water hose!

I bought the drinking safe hose and used it the first time this past weekend. All I can say is buy one. It was so easy to store in the tote I use as well. I placed the 50 foot hose in the outside bin just in case I ever need it. I may just order a 2nd hose from you to ensure I never have to haul that old hose out. :)

Ken Lee

A hose made in heaven. I purchased one of the blue curly hoses. Can’t describe what an improvement over the traditional white RV hoses. Thanks for featuring great products.


I've seen self coiling hoses in hardware stores for years but this is the only one I've run across that is food grade (i.e., drinking water safe.) Also, it's a much higher quality product than the hoses you find in hardware stores. Don't let the price hold you back. In the big picture this is a small price to pay for the ease and convenience.

Bob Martel

Coolest. Fire extinguisher. Ever.