Collection: The ULTIMATE RV Water Hose

Stop buying cheap water hoses that split, leak, and make your water taste yucky.

Our ULTIMATE RV Water Hose is the last drinking water hose you'll ever buy!

We developed this hose for RV travel after the cheap water hoses we bought kept failing.


Here's why we love it:

  • Our water tastes great - no toxic chemical or "plastic" taste

  • Stretches easily and coils itself back up 

  • Won't kink - ever!

  • Much lighter than traditional hoses

  • All-weather flexible - even when it's freezing!

  • No pinhole leaks

  • Freezing doesn't damage it

  • Lead-free brass fittings with trivalent chrome plating

  • 100% free of toxic chemicals such as lead, BPA & phthalates


Comes in 25-foot and 50-foot lengths

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  • The ULTIMATE RV Water Hose
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